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2022 Conference Filming

Every Body Texas is already preparing for our virtual 2022 Annual Conference! The conference, themed Gratitude and Growth, will be held February 22, 2022.

We know the past 18 months have been challenging for all of us, especially for those working in the healthcare fields.

As part of the conference program, we want to highlight the voices of our sub-recipient network and honor your experiences weathering a very difficult time. We will be working with visual storyteller, Liz Moskowitz, to interview sub-recipient staff and build a short video that will be shown as part of the 2022 Annual Conference. This video will also be posted on our website and may be featured on our own social media accounts.

We are starting video production September 2021 and are asking for your help to ensure every sub-recipient agency is represented in this video. We also know that you are busy with the work of providing care to your community, so we’ve compiled the information and resources below to make the process as clear and simple as possible.

Below is what we are asking for to help make this video.

Identify One Person to Represent Your Agency

Consider if there is a front line staff member, clinician, community outreach person, or some other member of staff who would be a good voice for the organization.

  • The interviewee should be available for a 45 minute Zoom interview.
  • We will schedule the interview for that staff member and a member of the Every Body Texas team will be on the line with Liz Moskowitz conducting the interview.
  • Interview subject will need to sign media release forms as we may share this video on social media following the conference.

Email Photos of Your Clinic and Staff

While there are only so many individual interviews we can include in the final video, photos and images are a great way to represent the full scope of your clinic and staff.

  • Do not include images of clients.
  • Images should be at highest resolution possible and at least 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • Send digital photos to

Schedule Your Interview

Click on the button below to schedule your Zoom interview recording session. 

If there isn't a time that works for you in the scheduler, please email Mimi Garcia to find another time.


Complete Video Release

Once you schedule your Zoom interview recording, be sure to complete the Photo/Video Release form. Click the button below to download a release form you can sign electronically. Once completed please email the signed form to Mimi Garcia. 

Video/Photo Release

Tips on Zoom Video Recording

Below are some tips, resources, and videos on how to prepare for your interview. We've included an example of a video that utilizes Zoom recordings done by our consultant, Liz Moskowitz. 


  • What do I wear?

    You want to be comfortable, but professional. Wear business casual clothing that you feel comfortable in. Avoid bright white, red, or fabrics with too many prints. If you're a clinician feel free to wear what you would during a clinical encounter. Golf shirts or t-shirts with your clinic logo are also good options.

  • How do I set up my space?

    Ensure your space is relatively quiet and won't pick up sounds from other people talking, construction, dogs barking, etc. 

  • What about lighting?

    The best option is to position your computer and camera so that you can sit facing a window. This way you will have a lot of light on your face and video will be clean and crisp. 

    DON'T have a window of light source behind you, as this can cause you to appear darker in the image. 

    If you don't have a window you can sit across from, you can place a desk lamp with a shade behind your camera to offer similar light. You do not need to purchase a ring light for this project, but if you have one or have access to one, please feel free to use it.

  • What do I do about a camera?

    You can use the built in camera on your laptop, smart phone, or an external camera for a desktop computer. 

    No matter which camera you are using, be sure to have it set on a stable surface a little above your eye line.

How to Look Better on Zoom

This 10 minute video from photographer, videographer, and social media personality Gia Goodrich offers excellent tips and examples on how to set up your space for success on a Zoom video. Also, if you wear glasses, be sure to check out her video on how to reduce glare on your lenses.

Example from Texans Care for Children

This video was included in Texans Care for Children's annual luncheon event in 2021, which utilizes pre-pandemic videos as well as Zoom recorded interviews. It was filmed and edited by Liz Moskowitz, the visual storyteller we are using for our own project.

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