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Request for Proposal

Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare Landscape Analysis

Every Body Texas is seeking proposals for a statewide analysis of the sexual and reproductive healthcare landscape of Texas. Download the RFP or read it below.  All questions and inquiries should be sent to

Proposals due 5:00pm CT on October 8, 2021 via email to

Download RFP


About Every Body Texas

At Every Body Texas, we believe that all people—regardless of identity or income—should have access to the care and information they need to make the choices that are best for them. We work with partners across the state to deliver high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. As the only statewide Title X administrator, we support providers who deliver unbiased, fact-based, comprehensive healthcare—and who respect their clients’ rights to make their own healthcare decisions.

About Title X

The Title X (ten) family planning program is the only dedicated source of federal funding for family planning services. It helps ensure that contraceptive services, supplies, and information are available to anyone who needs them. Title X funding also supports access to breast and cervical cancer screenings and STI prevention, testing, and treatment. Title X is meant to help anyone, but prioritizes people who live in or near poverty, are uninsured, or otherwise lack access to care.

As of July 1, 2021, Every Body Texas manages a network of 36 Title X-funded agencies and about 175 locations across the state providing services to nearly 180,000 people each year.

About Our Strategic Plan

In February 2020, Every Body Texas adopted its first-ever strategic plan, with a focus on advancing three goals during the next five years (2020-2024):

  • Expand the organization’s services and diversify funding to best serve the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of the people of Texas;
  • Establish Every Body Texas as a thought leader on the issues concerning sexual and reproductive healthcare to engage the public and policymakers; and
  • Improve organizational structure, operations, and outcomes.

As a part of our strategic plan, we identified the need to conduct a comprehensive statewide analysis of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services, provider needs, and client needs throughout Texas. Every Body Texas seeks a consultant to conduct this research.

Project Overview

In order to inform the planned expansion of services and funding to best serve the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of the people of Texas, Every Body Texas is interested in conducting a statewide analysis of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services, provider needs, and client needs throughout Texas. We expect the requested analysis will be conducted in two phases beginning in October 2021 and ending by March 31, 2022.

Phase One:

Phase one will begin immediately and inform Every Body Texas’s Title X competitive federal grant application. The following areas of inquiry are prioritized for phase one:

  • What is the need for sexual and reproductive health services across the state? Analysis should include:
    • information related to population growth across areas of Texas including distinctions for rural vs suburban vs urban areas;
    • information on provider shortages and service gap areas;
    • analysis of demographic information including but not limited to age, gender, poverty level, and immigration status; and
    • evidence of disproportionate access and outcomes for various population groups.
  • What are the rates of sexually transmitted infections, cervical and breast cancers, and maternal morbidity and mortality across areas of the state? How have rates changed over time and across various geographic areas and populations?
  • What are the current practices related to sexual and reproductive healthcare service delivery? Are those practices aligned with national standards of care? How have those practices changed in response to COVID-19 and what best practices and/or service provision changes will be sustained post-COVID.
  • What are the current barriers to delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare reported by providers? What resources do providers need to reduce or eliminate barriers to service delivery? In what ways are providers seeking to improve quality of sexual and reproductive healthcare and/or what resources do they need to improve quality of care?
  • Are providers utilizing telehealth as a tool to mitigate access barriers or do they have an interest in exploring the use of telehealth?
  • What resources do providers need to increase and improve data collection?
  • What are the current barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare reported by clients? What are client perceptions of the quality of care they receive?

Phase Two:

Phase two may occur concurrently with phase one but will not be prioritized until the completion of phase one. The following areas of inquiry are intended to inform the broader work of the organization and execution of Every Body Texas’s strategic plan.

  • How are funding and programs administered by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to support the delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare functioning in this environment and what, if any, improvements would support increased access?
  • What opportunities may exist to work with organizations and other entities that serve clients outside of the clinical space to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services? This could include state-funded basic needs offices, such as WIC and non-profit organizations that serve clients.
  • What data are providers collecting about the delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare that can inform systems analysis and improvements?
  • What changes can funders and providers implement to ensure clients have access to safe, unbiased, high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare?
  • Identify gaps in knowledge or training that could support increased access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health services.

Every Body Texas seeks to engage not only those providers participating in our Title X project but other sexual and reproductive healthcare providers that may be interested in engaging in our Title X project or other projects to expand access to person-centered contraceptive care, or that may benefit from Every Body Texas’s training and technical assistance offerings, data collection and analysis activities, and/or policy and advocacy work.

Research approaches to this work may include a literature review, data analysis, surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups with sexual and reproductive healthcare providers, clients, and advocates across the state.

Application Process

If you/your organization is interested in applying, please submit the following to by 5:00pm CST on October 8,2021:

  1. A cover letter describing your areas of expertise, prior relevant experience, and understanding of the work to be performed as described in this request for proposal.
  2. A proposal that includes a timeline, a budget for each phase of the project (not to exceed a total of $150,000), a work scope describing how you plan to execute the research outlined in the Project Overview section above, and the deliverables you will provide to Every Body Texas.
  3. Information about all individuals and organizations you may use to support your work, including their resumes, their areas of expertise and prior experience in the area encompassed by the scope of work.
  4. At least two references for similar projects completed within the last five years. Each reference should describe the project, dates of work, outcomes achieved, and a client reference that includes name, title, email, and phone contact.

Please direct all questions to

Review Process

Review of each proposal will be scored on the following three (3) factors with 75 points maximum:

Prior Project Experience (40 points)

Point Range

Demonstrated understanding of the sexual and reproductive healthcare landscape in Texas


Demonstrated experience collaboratively creating a research plan


Demonstrated experience developing surveys and other relevant research tools


Review of Previous Work Product + References (25 points)

Point Range

Successful completion of project deliverables

0 – 5

Dependability and responsiveness

0 – 10

Quality of work product

0 – 10

Every Body Texas will contact references to verify the experience provided by the applicant.

Price/Budget (10 points)

Point Range

Proposal provides sufficient budget detail allowing Every Body Texas to see how funds will be spent

0 – 5

Reasonableness and practicality of proposed budget

0 – 5

Every Body Texas may request meetings with any or all applicants to clarify or negotiate modifications to an applicant’s proposal.

However, Every Body Texas reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposals submitted. Therefore, proposals should be submitted initially on the most favorable terms, from both technical and budget standpoints, which the applicant can propose.

Every Body Texas will make an award to the Applicant whose offer is most responsive to this request.

Efforts will be made by Every Body Texas to utilize small businesses and minority-owned businesses. An applicant qualifies as a small business firm, if it meets the definition of "small business" as established by the Small Business Administration (13 CFR 121.201).

Download RFP

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