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No Wrong Door Toolkit

A guide to reproductive life goals conversations and sexual and reproductive health referral making for social service organizations


We’ve developed this toolkit to help social service organizations incorporate reproductive life goals (RLG) conversations and quality referrals for clinical sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) into their services.

There are two acronyms you'll see a lot throughout this toolkit.

RLG = reproductive life goals

SRH = sexual and reproductive healthcare

SRH is a part of overall health that impacts everyone including the clients you serve. Discussing SRH outside of a healthcare environment normalizes SRH and reduces the stigma commonly associated with talking about it. Clients shouldn’t only be able to have important conversations about their SRH in a clinical space when, or if, they see a doctor. Social service providers are well positioned and have often already developed ongoing and trusting relationships desired by clients to discuss sexual and reproductive health.

This toolkit is for anyone who interacts with clients that may have sexual and reproductive health needs or difficulty accessing healthcare. You might be a direct service provider, a manager of social service providers, or even a volunteer. If you’re interested in talking with clients about sexual and reproductive healthcare, providing referrals to services, or integrating these types of services into existing programs, this toolkit is for you.

How to Use the Toolkit

Depending on your role and the types of services your organization currently provides, you will benefit from focusing on different parts of the toolkit. 

The toolkit is designed so you can navigate directly to the information most relevant to you and your organization. The information and tools provided in this toolkit are meant to be adapted to best meet the needs of your unique organization and population.

Navigating the Toolkit

Navigating the toolkit
Look for the orange navigation bar at the top of the page as you scroll.

There is a lot of information in this toolkit. To help you navigate these pages be sure to find the orange navigation bar that is near the top of the page. When you are first on the page this navigation bar will appear below the banner image. 

As  you scroll down, the orange bar will jump to the top of the page and stay there. Click on the links in the orange bar to jump to that section of the page. 

To get back to this main page of the toolkit, just hit the back button on your browser, or click the yellow button at the bottom of the page that says "NWD Toolkit Homepage."

The No Wrong Door Toolkit

Having Reproductive Life Goals Conversations

Making Quality Referrals

Developing a Plan

We’ve created a mini e-learning course primarily geared towards administrators or program planners but useful for anyone interested in learning how to integrate or improve RLG conversations and SRH referrals in their organization. The course provides a step by step guide on how to get started and develop an actionable plan, and provides an overview of the training needs for each component of RLG conversations and SRH referrals.

Course Link


Below, we've provided a list of all the research and resources we consulted in making this toolkit. This list primarily includes texts that are not otherwise linked in the rest of the toolkit. 

Toolkit References

The content on this page was written and reviewed in June 2023.