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Statement on Teen Access to Care

Title X-funded health centers are a place of trust and confidentiality for people in need across the country. Young people deserve access to that same level of confidentiality.

Late yesterday, a Texas federal district court issued a final judgment in a case filed in April 2020 seeking to prevent the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from funding Title X projects that provide contraception services to adolescents without parental consent.

Confidential care has been a cornerstone of the Title X program since its inception in 1970. Confidentiality is vital to providing safe, high-quality care to clients – especially those experiencing unsafe circumstances who may be put at additional risk by seeking care.

Thousands of teens under the age of 18 receive care from Title X clinics every year, many with the consent and knowledge of their parent or guardian. But for teens that seek confidential care, Title X clinics have supported them in making informed choices about their own health and wellbeing in a safe and trusted environment. Teens who seek confidential care are making responsible decisions for their own health and well-being, and we should applaud them for taking responsibility for their health and future rather than throwing unnecessary, dangerous barriers in their way.

We remain committed to our values of dignity, access, equity, and quality of care. We will continue to support providers to provide safe, unbiased, high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services to the clients that need them.

Our Values


Each person has the right to make their own healthcare decisions.


There should be no barriers between people and the healthcare they want and need.


When provided with complete, accurate information, people can make the best healthcare decisions for themselves.


Each of us deserves high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare, regardless of our identity, income, or circumstances.


There is always a better way.

Quality of Care

Clients deserve the best care and providers deserve the best support.

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