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One Key Question® (OKQ)

One Key Question® (OKQ)

OKQ is a fast and simple way to quickly elicit a client’s pregnancy intention. This approach asks the question:

“Would You Like to Become Pregnant in the Next Year?”

Given the complexity of pregnancy preferences, the use of timing alone might not be sufficient to understand a patient’s contraceptive needs and pregnancy intentions. This approach is also limited in that it only assesses those who can become pregnant and excludes clients assigned male at birth who may also benefit from a RLG conversation. However, OKQ is easy to learn and execute.

This approach will get the reproductive life goals conversation started but requires continued exploration to fully understand the complexity of a client’s reproductive goals. The OKQ approach may be a good option for healthcare professionals, such as medical assistants, to use during client intake or screening to get a baseline of the client’s reproductive life goals and pass to the clinical provider for a further contraceptive or preconception counseling session.

Learn more about OKQ

The resources below dive deeper into OKQ and will help you understand the nuances and reasons behind the exact wording of the question and what makes it effective. 

Power to Decide holds exclusive rights to One Key Question®. For more information and training opportunities, please visit their website.

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