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State legislative priorities for the 88th Texas Legislature

2023 Policy Priorities

The people of Texas are strong, independent, creative, and entrepreneurial. We’re parents working to build a better life for our children. We’re small business owners and leaders in our communities. We’re young people getting our lives started with a first job or going to college. 

We have big plans and bright futures ahead of us.

At Every Body Texas, we believe all people should have access to safe, unbiased, high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. Everybody should be able to plan if, when, and how they want to have a family. Today it’s more important than ever that Texans be able to access the contraceptive method that works best for them.

Download our full policy agenda, or click on each priority below for more details. 

2023 Policy Priorities

Priority 1: Fully Fund Family Planning
Priority 2: Expand Contraception Access
Priority 3: Make Healthy Texas Women Accessible
Priority 4: Increase Access to Healthcare
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Our Work is About People

"The most important thing legislators need to understand about our work is that it really is about people."

Kathryn Hearn, Access Esperanza

Our Work is About People

Fully fund the Family Planning Program.

The Family Planning Program (FPP) is a state-based program that provides critical sexual and reproductive healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of Texans. This popular program is one of the best ways for people to get same day health services. The only problem is that FPP often runs out of money halfway through the year due to high demand, and this has been going on for a long time.

The Legislature can increase funding for FPP to meet the current and growing need for family planning services in Texas.

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  • Testimony

    Every Body Texas submitted testimony in support of funding increases proposed for women's health services in SB 1, the Senate version of the Texas Budget. 

    Read SB 1 testimony here.

Continue to expand contraception access.

Texas has made substantial investments in improving access to high-quality contraceptive care, including Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC). Contraceptive access has never been more important to the health, safety, and well being of the people of Texas.

The Legislature must continue its commitment to contraception access and ensure that all Texans have access to high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare, including the contraceptive method of their choice.

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  • Testimony

    Every Body Texas submitted written testimony in support of HB 916 when it was heard in the House Insurance Committee on March 14, 2023. HB 916 would allow insurers to make 12 months of birth control available at one time. Providing a full year's supply of birth control increases the likelihood of continued use and lowers the changes of skipping a dose and risking an unplanned pregnancy. 

    Read HB 916 testimony here.

Make Healthy Texas Women accessible.

Healthy Texas Women (HTW) and Healthy Texas Women Plus (HTW+) programs provide critical life-saving care including women’s preventive health services, family planning care, and services aimed at reducing maternal mortality and morbidity.

The Legislature should ensure that all Texans eligible for HTW and HTW+ can access these programs without having to face confusing and costly administrative barriers.

Increase access to healthcare.

Texas continues to have the highest rate of uninsured people in the country. That means many Texans can’t get regular check-ups or preventive care, often waiting until they’re very sick before seeing a doctor.

The Legislature should adopt strategies to increase access to healthcare for all Texans, including extending Medicaid for Pregnant Women coverage to twelve months postpartum, covering contraceptive care in the Children’s Health Insurance Program and additional resources for rural health initiatives.

HB 12 - Twelve Month Medicaid


  • Testimony

    Every Body Texas submitted written testimony in support of HB 12 to the House Select Committee on Health Care Expansion on Thursday, March 16, 2023. HB 12 expands Medicaid for Pregnant Women from it's current 60 days postpartum to 12 full months. 

    Read HB12 testimony here. 

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