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Amber Rabines

Clinical Compliance Specialist

“Ensuring that people who are marginalized receive quality care is very important to me. This is the reason I am drawn to the mission of Every Body Texas."

As a Clinical Compliance Specialist, Amber sees her role as supporting providers to ensure they have the resources to provide the best care to all their clients – especially those clients who often face barriers to accessing safe and unbiased healthcare.

Before joining Every Body Texas, Amber worked for 15 years in maternal and child health and midwifery. “After college, I took a psychology class that prompted me to think about birth as a very impactful moment—for both the person giving birth and the baby. What type of environment is welcoming this new life? This was the moment that sparked my interest in midwifery.”

Her connection to caring for women and families is rooted in family tradition. In her journey to midwifery, Amber learned about two strong midwives in her family: her great aunt, who attended over 1,800 births on the island of Grand Turk, and her great-great grandmother, who was a midwife in Haiti and attended the homebirth of Amber’s grandmother.

Amber also began to research Black midwives in the USA, who have historically provided comprehensive care not only to birthing people and babies, but also the entire community. “In the midst of very challenging circumstances, these Grand Midwives provided medical care in a way that embodies concepts we strive to recreate now—holistic, wrap-around care that shows an understanding of social determinants of health. These are the values I want to follow in my work with sexual and reproductive healthcare.”

In her free time, Amber loves to tend to her plants, dance, and spend time with her husband, two children, and dog.

Serving Every Body since 2021. 

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