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Bernadette Mason

Director of Service Delivery Improvement

"All people deserve person-centered and holistic health care no matter where they are from or how much money they have."

As Director of Service Delivery Improvement, Bernadette Mason (know to us as "Berna") leads the team responsible for both compliance and ensuring the delivery of high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. Berna works with all clinic staff to identify gaps in service delivery and strives to bring care to the highest quality possible. Spending most of her time on the ground, Berna and her team traverse the state, providing training and tailored technical assistance.

”My job is to support providers so when the door closes in an exam room and only two remain, they recognize the sacred opportunity they have to create a space so very safe that someone will tell you the most intimate and personal details of their lives. I encourage them to see this as to a dance. It can be tentative and cautious at first, and then lead into being anticipatory. When there are pauses we know that we should perhaps circle back to that question later, when trust deepens, we are in step, we know we will be caught should we fall and suddenly the most astonishing thing happens, truth emerges. And when that happens your clients’ needs get met. That’s the sauce.”

Before arriving at Every Body Texas, Berna worked for several years as a Midwife. She worked with families and communities to help support the provision of contraception, prenatal care, birth support and postpartum care. Berna believes that all people deserve person-centered and holistic health care no matter where they or from of how much money they have. This philosophy allows Berna to connect and support with providers to inspire teams to work together to ensure that patient dignity is at the heart of everything they do.

Berna obtained her training through a long and winding road of formal midwifery training paired with apprenticeship in varied clinical settings. These experiences provided her with a vast perspective of how resource allocation effects quality of care. Berna has served on Boards for international relief non-profits and has volunteered as mentor. She enjoys swimming in cold water, coffee and a good stack of books.

Serving Every Body since 2013. 

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