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Gina Barrios

Training and Compliance Specialist

"I believe that all people are entitled to quality healthcare."

Gina Barrios came to the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare through a long and winding road. With an undergraduate degree in computer science, her first career was in technology, working for the Harris County Health District (now Harris Health). She shifted away from a high demand career in technology and started on a new path, earning a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and becoming a certified leadership coach serving the nonprofit community.

As she worked with nonprofit organizations, she saw a pattern. “When we work in this space, we encounter a lot of ‘Band-Aids’ in serving low-income people. There is this approach that ‘whatever I give them is better than what they have.’ And that doesn’t really square with my values of what people deserve as human beings.” Gina is driven by the ideal that all people are entitled to quality healthcare.

As a Training and Compliance Specialist, Gina works with several of our Title X network clinics to ensure they are serving clients and delivering high-quality care to everyone who comes in the door.

Gina is from Panama and lives in Houston with her husband. She enjoys reading, making jewelry and loves to be by the ocean.

Serving Every Body since 2019.

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