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Mimi Garcia

Director of Communications

“We have a radical commitment to client-centeredness – that’s a big part of what drives me to do this work every day.”

Mimi Garcia provides leadership to Every Body Texas through communications, public relations, and media engagement.

As a former leader of a statewide non-profit organization, Mimi brings a broad perspective to Every Body Texas. “I’ve done a lot of things in my time – policy, organizing, community outreach, executive leadership. In this role I get to wear a lot of hats supporting a mission I’ve cared about for a long time.”

For Mimi coming to Every Body Texas was a return to her roots, “I was a sexual health peer educator in college. Getting to do this work is like coming back home, but on a broader scale – with all the knowledge and experience of nearly 20 years leading campaigns for healthcare access and public investment in our communities.”

Mimi has a Master of Public Policy degree from the Heller School of Social Policy at Brandeis University. She enjoys hiking, reading, creating, and spending time with her family in her hometown, Austin.

Serving Every Body since 2019.

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