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Reproductive Counseling Toolkits

Resources for clinicians, social service providers, and anyone working with people who could benefit from discussions of reproductive life goals.

Every person will have reproductive healthcare needs at some point in their life. However, many people lack access to resources, accurate information, or clinical care to assist them in meeting their needs.

We believe that all people should be able to decide if, when, and how they parent. We are working for a world where all people have access to safe, high-quality, unbiased sexual and reproductive healthcare. In service to this mission we have developed two toolkits to help clinicians and social service providers learn how to provide person-centered and appropriate reproductive health services.

Starting with Reproductive Justice

"The human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities."

– Sister Song

Before you dive into either of the toolkits, we ask that you first start with a review of the reproductive justice framework. While Every Body Texas isn't a reproductive justice organization, we strive for every aspect of our work to contribute to a world where reproductive justice is and continues to be actualized.

This means that we center the needs of the individual client, recognizing that people are the experts in their own lives and their own needs. We value the client’s right to personal bodily autonomy and recognize that for historically marginalized communities, autonomy and self determination has not been the norm.

We also recognize that the history of reproductive health and contraception in the United States is rife with numerous examples of racist, exploitative, and appalling abuses of Black, Indigenous, poor, disabled, immigrant, and other historically marginalized communities. Ongoing access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services and decisions about parenting are limited and impacted by systemic oppression. Anyone supporting clients with their reproductive health needs must have a clear understanding of this history, an understanding of reproductive justice principles, and a recognition that we have to remain committed to centering the needs of individuals in reproductive autonomy.

Understanding Reproductive Justice

This resource provides an understanding of the current reproductive justice movement, the historical violations of reproductive justice and areas of resistance, and finally an examination of sexual and reproductive health policies and outcomes in Texas.

This tool also provides several resources for learning more about reproductive justice and becoming more involved in the movement.

Start Here

Person-Centered Reproductive Counseling Toolkit

Person-Centered Reproductive Counseling Toolkit

Designed with clinical providers in mind, this toolkit is for doctors, nurses, and other clinic-based medical staff to develop a person-centered approach to reproductive health counseling for clients.

This toolkit covers person-centered contraceptive counseling approaches as well as how to counsel clients based on their reproductive life goals.

The PCRCT Toolkit

No Wrong Door to Sexual and Reproductive Health Toolkit

No Wrong Door to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Toolkit

Developed for social service providers, this toolkit is geared towards social workers, promotoras/es, community health workers, and other social service providers who have clients that may benefit from reproductive health services.

This toolkit provides resources on:

  • conducting reproductive life goals conversations in non-clinical settings

  • sexual and reproductive health 101

  • developing referral systems to sexual and reproductive care providers, and

  • sexual and reproductive healthcare coverage in Texas

The NWD Toolkit