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Strengthening Systems of Health


Supporting access to care by improving system linkages.

In 2019 Every Body Texas received funding from the Episcopal Health Foundation for a three-year project focusing on their 57 counties service area in Central and Southeast Texas. Recognizing that health is bigger than “healthcare”, the project looks to increase access to care and improve health through innovative strategies.

When the project is complete, we expect to have collaborative and supportive relationships with the community-based clinics and other healthcare agencies in the 57-county area that result in:

  • Increased capacity of provider through innovative services delivery;
  • Increased community partnerships – especially in areas with rapidly increasing demand for services, particularly in areas where affordability is a concern;
  • Increase the number and kind of services available outside the traditional clinic setting; and
  • Improved processes and policies of clinics to support access to same-day sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

We will be holding virtual trainings and identifying local clinical partners to work with one-on-one to improve clinic operations and policies to increase access.

Supported by funding from the Episcopal Health Foundation.

Episcopal Health Foundation

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