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Board Committees

Every Body Texas has five (5) Board Committees that help lead and support the mission of our organization. Board Committees are made up from volunteers in the community across the state. You do not have to be a Board member to serve on a committee.  Below are the current Board committees. 

Board Committees

  • Finance and Audit Committee

    The Finance and Audit Committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for overseeing the annual budget and financial statements, advising the Board regarding financial decisions, monitoring the overall systems of internal control and risk mitigation, compliance with legal, regulatory requirements and ethical standards, and the performance of the independent auditors.

  • Human Resources Committee

    The Human Resources Committee establishes and regularly reviews the personnel policies and practices for Every Body Texas’s staff to ensure they are consistent with federal and state legal requirements. The Human Resources Committee regularly reviews Every Body Texas’s salary scales and benefits and recommends adjustments to the Finance and Audit Committee relative to the annual budget.

  • Development Committee

    The Development Committee assists the Board in private fundraising efforts with individuals, foundations, and corporations. The Development Committee sets annual fundraising goals and oversees fundraising activities and progress in achieving annual goals.

  • Public Policy Committee

    The Public Policy Committee guides, oversees, and recommends to the Board public policy positions, activities, and initiatives for the benefit of Every Body Texas.

  • Program Committee

    The Program Committee oversees the implementation and development of the organization’s programs in accordance with the organization’s strategic plan.

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