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Care for Every Body

Access to Care

Every Body Texas works to ensure every person in Texas has access to safe, unbiased, and high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare—regardless of identity or income. A big part of our work is administering Title X federal funding to clinics statewide. Clinics that receive Title X funding can provide care to any person of reproductive age, including minors, regardless of their income, immigration or citizenship status, and whether they have health insurance. 

And you will never be denied care at a Texas Title X clinic due to your inability to pay for services.

If you want to know where the nearest Title X clinic is to you, use our Find a Clinic map.

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Birth Control

Everybody deserves access to their preferred contraceptive method--and the knowledge and resources to choose what method works best for them. See our Birth Control page for more info on available birth control methods.

If you want to talk with a healthcare provider about contraceptive options, use our Find a Clinic map to locate the nearest Title X clinic to you. (Some clinics offer telehealth services. Contact your local clinic to see if telehealth services are available from that location.)

Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

We believe all people should have access to safe, unbiased, high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare - and we're working for it every day. It's more than just being able to access birth control or tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI). It's about learning and knowing your body, a pleasurable and enjoyable sex life, and being free from coercion and pressure.

Read more about Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. 

Resources For Everybody

When provided with complete, accurate information, people can make the best healthcare decisions for themselves.

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